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Former members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, SNH48, and Nogizaka46 are members who were part of the group at one point of time. Members left for various reasons ranging from focusing on their studies to entering into new careers, as well as those who depart for undisclosed reasons.. AKB48 are a Japanese idol girl group formed in January 8, 2005. As of April 5, 2020, the group consists of 135 members, divided among several teams: Team A with 21 members, Team K with 21 members, Team B with 21 members, and Team 4 with 26 members, Team 8 with 46 members, the last of which have 30 members serving concurrently with other AKB48 teams AKB48 Logo. The 1st to 3rd Generation are known as the Original Teams (1st Gen: Team A, 2nd Gen: Team K, 3rd Gen: Team B).. Later on, when more auditions were held, all the future successful candidates would take part of a in-training team of members that would work as sub and under for the official members in various activities (mostly the Theater Performances)

In 2012, AKB48+Me was published for the Nintendo 3DS, which let the players try to become a member of AKB48. An ad for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS also featured Miis of the group, specifically showing off member Yuki Kashiwagi and former members Mayu Watanabe and Minami Takahashi. Other medi AKB48 also has Kennin Members, members from sister groups who have a concurrent position in AKB48. However, after the AKB48 Team Shuffle 2017, no sister group members hold Kennin positions on AKB48. Instead, all members of Team 8 are Kennin members, being members of two teams on the same group Other ex-AKB48 in active gravure modeling/Video. Morikawa Ayaka (森å·å½©é¦™) She's Hot tho . Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. mendoan 8,109 mendoan 8,109 Nation's First Love; Member; 8,109 30,918 posts; Location: Indonesia; Awards. Awards. Awards. Posted July 5, 2016. oh risa naruse isfrom akb? Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. PockyAddict1989. JKT48 is an Indonesian girl group formed in 2011 as a sister group of the Japanese idol group AKB48. Members are selected through auditions in Indonesia and placed into three teams. Among the members are Class A Academy members - formerly known as Trainees - who serve as understudies for the main teams, and the Class B Academy members who study necessary skills as an idol According to Shukan Bunshun, the former AKB48 manager, Takashi Nodera, 38-year-old, stealthily shot hours of illicit video footage of group members in compromising positions before and after events held across the country over a one-year period.Between 2007 and 2010, Nodera served as a board member of Office 48, which is the talent management company for AKB48. Three years after leaving the.

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AKB48 Team B Members Profile: AKB48 Team B Members Facts AKB48 Team B is the third Team of AKB48 based in Akihabara, Tokyo. There is a total of twenty two members currently. They are under Kings Records Sub-label You! Be Cool. AKB48 Team B Fandom Name:- AKB48 Team B Fandom Colors: Blue AKB48 Team B [ AKB48 Team A Members Profile: AKB48 Team A Members Facts AKB48 Team A is the first Team of the 5 teams of AKB48 based in Akihabara, Tokyo. There are eighteen members and they are under Kings Records Sub-label You! Be Cool. AKB48 Team A Fandom Name: - AKB48 Team A Fandom Colors: Pink AKB48 Team A [ 【Facts】 List AKB48 Group Sibling Members and Ex-Members _____NOTE_____ If any wrong and misleading video or information I apologize Please support us by subscribing this channel Back Songs.

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Team A (チームA) is the first team formed for theater-based idol group AKB48. Their team color is Pink. They currently have 19 members. 1 Members 2 Stages 3 Information 4 Discography 5 Team A Songs on AKB48 Albums and Singles (History: Team A) 1st Stage (PARTYが始まるよ / PARTY ga Hajimaru yo) [2005.12.08 - 2006.03.31] 2nd Stage (会いたかった / Aitakatta) [2006.04.15 - 2006.08.11. List of former members of AKB48 Last updated June 19, 2020. The Japanese idol girl group AKB48 has many members who have left the group for various reasons such as focusing on solo careers. Some members have left to help launch AKB48's sister groups.The member lineup often changes as when girls get older, they graduate from the group, and are replaced by members promoted from the trainees. [1 There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48 claims ex-member of Japan's top idol singer group. Casey Baseel Jan 16, 2019; Tweet; Five-year veteran talks about indirect cries for help. Being an idol singer in Japan is at least as much about the personality you radiate as the vocals you produce. Sure, idol songs may be almost invariably sweet and sugary, but the performers. TOKYO (TR) - Miki Nishino, a former member of idol group AKB48, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, her agency revealed on Monday. In a statement posted on the site for agency Twin Planet Entertainment, Nishino, 21, began suffering from a fever and feeling ill on October 10. She underwent a polymerase chain reaction test on October 11. The positive result was confirmed later that. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

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  1. Former AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda marries after 4 months of dating. Happy news for former AKB48 member Mariko Shinoda! It has been revealed that she is married! The news was confirmed on her official website, and later on her official Instagram account. On her Instagram post she shared photos of her lucky husband, and joining them for the family photo was their two children! (puppies.
  2. I have to admit that I am not an AKB48 fan. I know that their music videos can be confusing and it is unlikely that you would be able to recognize the many different members in their videos unless you are a true AKB48 follower. As I have a hard time picking out each girl in their videos, these girls are probably the prettiest members of AKB48, judging by their photos only
  3. AKB48 (Aussprache englisch [eɪ keɪ biː fɔːtiː eɪt]) ist eine von Yasushi Akimoto gecastete japanische Idolgruppe.. Das zugrunde liegende Konzept ist eine Musikgruppe von Idols, die täglich von ihren Fans angetroffen werden können.Die Gruppe ist daher in vier verschiedene Teams aufgeteilt, die fast jeden Tag in einem eigenen Theater im Tokioter Stadtteil Akihabara auftreten
  4. STARMARIE Members Profile: STARMARIE Facts STARMARIE (スターマリー) is a five member Japanese idol girl group under M-SMILE Entertainment consisting of Kishita Nozomi, Nakane Monya, Takamori Shino, Matsuzaki Hiroka, Watanabe Kaede, and former members are Aoki Shiori, Haruna Miho, Sekine Saaya, and Arai Kaori.They were formed in 2008 and released their first single Time Machine Love on.
  5. AKB48 Team K Members Profile: AKB48 Team K Members Facts AKB48 Team K is the second team of AKB48 based in Akihabara, Tokyo. There is a total of eighteen members currently. They are under Kings Records Sub-label You! Be Cool. AKB48 Team K Fandom Name:- AKB48 Team K Fandom Color: Green AKB48 Team K Members Profile: [
  6. Former member of the fake group SONE with Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino and Miyazaki Miho, that regularly participated on Request Hour MCs. They disbanded in 2014. She had her 1000th theater performance on February 21, 2020. Despite being the only member of the 1st Generation to still be in AKB48, she is not the oldest
  7. Former AKB48 member Natsuki Kojima, 25, announces plan to retire. TOKYO - Actress Natsuki Kojima, a former member of popular Japanese girl group AKB48, has announced that she plans to retire from showbusiness. amp video_youtube The Straits Times 3 days ago. bookmark_border. share. more_vert. Gundam conquers AKB48? Mobile suit cafe closes to expand, may take over idol eatery's territory.

4X Members Profile 4X (포엑스) is a South Korean group which started in 2017. It is currently composed of 4 members: Yeon Du, Bo Ra, Bo Bae and Say. They debuted with the music Secret Night under the label JR Starstudio. They have two former pre-debut members. They are inactive for the moment. 4X Fandom Name: [ TOKYO - Actress Natsuki Kojima, a former member of popular Japanese girl group AKB48, has announced that she plans to retire from showbusiness. The 25-year-old informed fans of her decision on. 5.2 Former; 6 See also. 6.1 Rival groups; 7 Discography 7.1 Studio Albums; 7.2 Best Albums; 7.3 Indie Singles; 7.4 Digital Singles; 7.5 Singles; 8 Gallery; 9 External links; Members. For a list of all AKB48 members click here. Sub-units Main Sub Units. No Sleeves; French Kiss; Not yet; AKB48 TeamOgi; DIVA; Watarirouka Hashiritai 7; Single Unit. Yasai Sisters; One-Shot Sub Unit. Sukeban Girls. Penampilan ex member AKB48 saat ini. #AKB48 #MaedaAtsuko #MinamiTakahashi #ItanoTomomi #48Family part 2 https://youtu.be/usq5k6ck2MM Part 3 https://youtu.be/..

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List of former members of AKB48 The Japanese idol girl group AKB48 has many members who have left the group for various reasons such as focusing on solo careers. Some members have left to help launch AKB48's sister groups; the member lineup changes as when girls get older, they graduate from the group, are replaced by members promoted from the trainees. Others have dropped out of the group. akb48 former member < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Sayaka doing a Tarzan yell on Zenryoku Datsuryoku Taimuzu after they were shown a VTR of someone attempting to swing and do a Tarzan yell in the USA. ————————————- Once again, she never fails to amuse us. Ex Member AKB48 Last Part #ShinodaMariko #MinegishiMinami #ShimazakiHaruka Bonus #JurinaMatsui ex SKE48 part 1 https://youtu.be/1wxiQONwi3M part 2 https://yo..

Former AKB48 idol's crowdfunding campaign includes date rewards; AKB48 and South Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards, turns out to be a disaster There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48 claims ex-member of Japan's top idol singer group; Beautiful idol singer leaves show business, opens delicious ramen restaurant in Toky A list of all former AKB48 members. On this wiki, we'll only list former 48G member, check the group's page for a link to the 48G wiki

Former AKB48 star Mayu Watanabe retires from show business, citing health issues. Mayu Watanabe, a former member of the popular Japanese all-girl idol group AKB48, has retired from the. Usami Yuki (ex-member) (2006 ~ 2006) Vocal Uemura Ayako (ex-member) AKB48 is an idol girl group created by lyricist and television writer Yasushi Akimoto, who serves as the producer of the group. The girls are divided in five groups: Team A, Team K, Team B, Team 4 and Team 8. The letters are an acronym for Akihabara, a popular neighbourhood in Tokyo known as Otaku Mecca and it's in. ex AKB48 member no. she was only a kenkyuusei (trainee). She was never an official AKB member and she left before... She's using the ex AKB48 name just to get attention. =__=; I checked her page and she was 17 years old in 2010, which is also the year she decided to leave AKB... Maybe her bad experience is what made her leave, idk. but I don't see why this experience made her go into Av. Former SKE48 member Rena Matsui portrayed Ryoka Saiga in Kamen Rider Build: Be The One, while NGT48 members Riko Sugahara and Anju Satō made a guest appearance in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's 36th episode as Kamen Rider Chronicle customers. Before being a member of SDN48 (one of AKB48's former sister groups) Yui Takahashi made a guest appearance in Kamen Rider Ryuki's 44th episode as Mitsuru Sano.

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Kaito Takahashi takes the title as the first King & Prince love scandal on Japanese news sites. Kaito was spotted by Bunshun reporters going into former AKB4.. See any interesting AKB48/ex-AKB48 members' YouTube video uploads this week? Interested in letting others know about them? Share your thoughts in this post! Help fellow fans have an easier time by sharing the link to the video you are referring to first! Individual posts linking such YouTube videos outside of this stickied thread will be deleted by the Mod Team. 0 comments. share. save. hide. AKB48 is a Japanese idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto.He searched Akihabara to find members who are innovative, because the area has been energetic recently.They are very popular in Japan. The AKB name comes from Akihabara, which is their home ground. (Japanese: 秋葉原).On 2012-10-31, AKB48 sold over 20,000,000 records in Japan and became the best selling female group in J-POP history

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Mayu Watanabe (渡辺 麻友, Watanabe Mayu, born March 26, 1994) is a Japanese former singer, actress, and former member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48 under Team B. In the annual AKB48 General Elections event, she had consistently been voted by fans to rank among the group's top members. She has released five solo singles, many of which have peaked in the top ten in the Oricon charts. TOKYO (TR) - Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 42-year-old man over the alleged stalking of a former member of all-girl idol group AKB48, reports Jiji Press (June 19). On April 28, Hidenobu Onishi, a resident of Edogawa Ward, allegedly intruded into the ticket area of an event in the capital featuring former AKB48 member Karen Iwata. As well, the suspect posted a message on his.

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  1. To wit, members of AKB48 and its numerous sister units regularly participate in meet-and-greet handshake events, an integral piece of the idols you can meet marketing scheme. But what is good for the fans — and, subsequently, the agencies — may not be for the idols themselves, as Miki Nishino, a former member of AKB48 , revealed on a news program on AbemaPrime on April 3
  2. Former AKB48 member speaks out against Osaka school that forced its student to dye her hair. Meg Murphy Oct 31, 2017; Tweet; Sayaka Akimoto recounts similar pressures she faced herself in school. The case of a former high school student in Osaka made headlines last week, as she is suing the prefecture for the emotional trauma she suffered due to repeated insistence from school staff that she.
  3. Japanese female singer, former member of AKB48 and HKT48, and producer/manager of =Love. Upload media Wikipedia: Name in native language: 指原莉乃: Date of birth: 21 November 1992 Ōita: Work period (start) 2008: Country of citizenship: Japan; Occupation: singer; seiyū; actor; tarento; model; businessperson; record producer; lyricist; Member of: HKT48 (2012-2019) AKB48 (2007-2012.
  4. imum) salary in Tokyo is 325 000 yen (~$3000) in 2018. Another interesting.
  5. Former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano attends a video game show on February 1, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan of China. Erstklassige Nachrichtenbilder in hoher Auflösung bei Getty Image
  6. 小嶋陽菜Kojima Haruna - AKB48 (TeamB) hat 296 Mitglieder. 小嶋 陽菜(こじま はるな、1988年4月19日 - )は、埼玉県出身のアイドル、女優、女性アイドルグループ「AKB48」チームAのメンバー。プロダクション尾木所属

Miki Nishino, ex-AKB48 idol, tests positive for coronavirus. By Tokyo Reporter Staff. Nishino began suffering from a fever and feeling ill on October 10 . Ex-staffer at special needs facility suspected of repeatedly raping disabled elementary school girl. By Tokyo Reporter Staff on October 19, 2020. TOKYO (TR) - Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a former staff member at a special needs. English: ex AKB48 groups members. 日本語: 過去にAKB48 グループに在籍したメンバーのカテゴリ。 Subcategories. This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total. A Former AKB48 members‎ (36 C, 12 F) B Former BNK48 members‎ (4 C) J Former JKT48 members‎ (49 C, 26 F) K Kei Jonishi‎ (empty) S SDN48‎ (2 C, 3 F) Former SKE48 members‎ (3 C, 6 F) T Airi. Media in category Former AKB48 members The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. 130413 AKB48 at Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore Meet & Greet 2 and Performance (Sumire Sato).jpg 1,010 × 1,370; 717 KB. AKB48 20090703 Japan Expo 13.jpg 3,468 × 2,308; 2.75 MB. Haruka Shimada at Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore.jpg 336 × 412; 46 KB. Iwada Karen.jpg 2,462 × 5,428; 7.82 MB. Katayama. Former AKB48 members‎ (37 C, 10 F) 8 AKB48 Team 8‎ (2 C, 63 F) H Hitomi Honda‎ (1 C, 5 F) I Anna Iriyama‎ (3 F) K Yuki Kashiwagi‎ (6 F) Rena Kato‎ (2 C, 5 F) M Ma Chia-ling‎ (82 F) Minami Minegishi‎ (1 C) Miyazaki Miho‎ (2 F) Mion Mukaichi‎ (2 F) N Nanase Yoshikawa‎ (1 F) O Oguri Yui‎ (4 F) Rin Okabe‎ (4 F) Nana Okada‎ (3 F) S Nagisa Sakaguchi‎ (1 F) Shinobu Mogi.

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Talk:List of former members of AKB48. Language; Watch; Edit; Active discussions. This article was nominated for deletion. Please review the prior discussions if you are considering re-nomination: Keep, 3 November 2017, see discussion. no consensus, 13 June 2013, see discussion. This article is of interest to the following WikiProjects: WikiProject Lists (Rated List-class) This article is. Ex-AKB48 member leaves entertainment industry to work as a beautician. 6th generation member Nonaka Misato, who graduated from idol group AKB48 in 2014, announced on her Instagram account that she is going to leave entertainment industry. She surprised her fans by telling that during the past year, she has acquired the needed skills and qualifications to become a Read more on aramajapan.com.

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  1. g single Kibouteki Refrain (Wishful Refrain) features 4 graduated members who appear in the new PV. The PV itself symbolizes the passing of the center position and features Atsuko Maeda (23) Yuko Oshima (26) Mariko Shinoda (28) and Tomomi Itano (23) along with the successive generations in a sprinting relay to pass on two black bags containing golden microphones
  2. Mayu Watanabe, a former member of the popular Japanese all-girl idol group AKB48, has retired from the entertainment industry due to health reasons, her agency said Monday. Watanabe, 26, has left the agency, saying health issues would make it difficult for her to continue working in the industry. One of the better known members of the group.
  3. Ohori Megumi SDN48 Member, Ex-AKB48 Team K Member: Ojima Chika Idoling!!! #26: Oshima Mai Former AKB48 Team A member: Satou Sumire AKB48 Team B member: Seyama Mariko: Shimada Shuuhei: Shitara Osamu Bananaman duo member: Takiguchi Mira Ex-Idoling!!! #5: Uchiyama Natsuki: Yamauchi Suzuran AKB48 Team B, Ex-Team 4 member: Yazawa Erika Ex-Idoling!!! #7: Japanese version of this page J-Enta: Japan.

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Rino Sashihara (指原 莉乃 Sashihara Rino, born November 21, 1992) is a member/manager of Japanese idol group HKT48's Team H, and a former member of AKB48, both produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Property Value; dbo:abstract: Rino Sashihara (指原莉乃, Sashihara Rino, née le 21 novembre 1992 à Ōita, au Japon) est une chanteuse et idole japonaise, ex-membre du groupe de groupe féminin. AKB48 Group (Japanese: AKB48グループ, Hepburn: AKB48 gurūpu), or AKB48 sister groups, shortened to 48 Group, 48 g, refers to the sister groups of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48.Based on the same concept idols you can meet, it currently consists of 5 sister groups in locations across Japan and 7 sister groups in major Asian cities overseas from Indonesia to India Ex-AKB48 memberNakanishi Rina, released her first nude photobook as Yamaguchi Riko on the 13th. According to Yukan Fuji, on July 1st, the agency she was with during her Nakanishi Rina days, pleaded that the photobook should not be released. Nakanishi Rina's contract with the agency ended in November 2008, however, there was an agreement that Rina would not do any activities which might. NMB48 (read N.M.B. Forty-eight) is a Japanese idol group that debuted in 2011 as the second sister group to AKB48, produced by Yasushi Akimoto.NMB48 is named after the Namba district in Osaka city of Osaka Prefecture, where the group is based.The group performs at the NMB48 Theater, which is located in the basement of the Yes-Namba Building in Namba, Osaka Actress and former AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto is the latest graduated member to join the marriage club. On her official twitter account she made the announcement with a unique illustration of herself and rapper husband PUNPEE. The two wed on June 20th, 2020. She looks forward to fans continued support, and will continue to work hard! Akimoto and PUNPEE's relationship was first reported by.

Kanazawa Yuuki is a member of SUPER☆GiRLS and a former member and leader of GEM. She is a former 10th Generation Kenkyuusei of AKB48 and graduated from the group on February 11, 2010. She later joined Tokyo Yume Piyogumi and was promoted to the original line-up of GEM on May 2012. She is now a 4th generation member ofSUPER☆GiRLS. 1 Profile 2 Trivia 3 Discography Featured In 3.1 Albums 3.2. Source: J-Cast News via Hachima Kiko, AKB48 official website. Read more stories from SoraNews24.-- There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48 claims ex-member of Japan's top idol singer group-- Idol group AKB48 sells 2.5 million copies of new CD, bags full of them end up in trash days late There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48 claims ex-member of Japan's top idol singer group; World Order's Singularity has single-handedly raised the profile of a singular girls group【Video】 Akihabara saying goodbye to landmark as giant Sega arcade announces it's closing for good; Man who attacked AKB48 members with saw at handshake event is jailed for six years. akb48 former member < > Most popular. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Watch on skylarkdragonstar.tumblr.com. 151023 Zenryoku Datsuryoku Taimuzu (Sayaka cut) Cut moments of Sayaka when she guest appeared as a special commentator. (My gosh she looks like a professional with those glasses on.) Funny.

Sponsored Links The debut commercial of the part-time AKB48 unit Baito AKB just began being broadcasting throughout Japan but, fans may recognize a familiar face in the crowd, former 4th generation member Mika Saeki. During the filming of the commercial, which is a parody of the group's hit song Heavy Rotation changed to Baito Rotation, Mayu Watanabe spotted her former. Former SKE48 Member Kito Momona(鬼頭桃菜) Makes AV Debut. Translated From: hk.on.cc By AHMIKE.com. SIMILAR ARTICLES 3 comments : Otakumania May 1, 2015 at 3:42 PM. She graduated from SKE in 2014 so she probably ran out money. With her look, she could be a gravure model or something. She will probably get burned out within a year and retired into obscurity. Reply Delete. Replies. Anonymous. She is the former General Director (総監督 sōkantoku) of AKB48 and its sister groups. In an interview with Nippon Television in June 2010, AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto described her as the eldest daughter of the 48 sisters. She is commonly part of the main lineup for the AKB48 singles. She is a member of the AKB48 sub-group no3b, along with AKB48 members Haruna Kojima and Minami Minegishi Former AKB48 member Rina Kawaei (24) and actor Tomoki Hirose (32) have announced their marriage through the affiliated office, and the couple is expecting her first child within this year.. The couple met while co-starring in stage play Karephone, an adaptation of the manga of the same name to the mobile app Palcy that ran from October 4-21 last year Sensual Gravure Photography of AKB48 Members! (67,208) Please give me picture of members being lovey-dovey with each other!!! (63,356) Shukan Bunshun releases photos of Maeda Atsuko scandal (53,134) [ Bunshun ] Ex-boyfriend's confession: AKB48's (48,967) AKB48 Members With Best Boobs (AKB48 Boob Senbatsu!?) (38,977

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Here is Okada Nana's speech for the #9 position from the 2017 AKB48 49th Single 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election. Former AKB member makes a fortune in porn . Yabuki Nako appeared in Lotte commercial before HKT48 . Useless #52: lots of faces, a serious kojiharu, important handshakes, and fat cookies . Sashihara Rino 2015 7th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles) HKT48 Murashige Anna. 190820 London Hearts (ex AKB48 members) (1080p) 1.7 GiB: 2019-08-24 04:26: 1: 0: 174: 2 [KilLeR_x_v2] AKB48 - Confession (1080p BLURAY ~AKB48 Theater Special Anniversary Special~) 307.8 MiB: 2019-08-10 06:28: 2: 0: 127 [KilLeR_x_v2] AKB48 (Team B) - Inochi no Tsukaimichi (1080p BLURAY ~AKB48 Kuramochi Asuka Graduation performance~) 364.3 MiB: 2019-08-07 11:36: 0: 0: 164: AKB48 SHOW! (210 - 216. Rie Kitahara (北原 里英 Kitahara Rie, born June 24, 1991) is a Japanese singer and actress associated with the Japanese idol girl group NGT48 and former member of AKB48 and SKE48. She debuted in 2008 in Team A and was co-captain of Team K. In March 2015, it was announced Kitahara would be transferred to NGT48 as captain of the group. She has sung on many of the groups' main singles, having.

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The group, established in 2011, is the first international AKB48 sister group. It is produced by Akimoto Yasushi and signed under HITS Records. Currently the group consists of three teams: Team J, Team KIII and Team T. In addition, the group also has trainees called Trainee (Kenkyuusei). Former member Stella Cornelia debuted as a soloist Ex-AKB48 AKB48's Maeda Atsuko and Member AKB48 Celebrate Maggy Birthday On June 21 , several members and former members of AKB48 celebrate the birthday of Maggy , who works as a model. Via photos uploaded to instagram account Maggy , visible birthday party was attended by Maeda Atsuko , Takahashi Minami , Kojima Haruna , Minami Minegishi and Kitahara Rie Metrotarkari has been providing the best products available & delivering at your door-step. Get your supply of vegetables, fruits, meat products, dairy, sprouts & organic products

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